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agileINTEL Portfolio Management

As former school leaders, we have made it our priority to do more than just understand the challenges your institution faces every day. It's why we're devoted to taking a more agile, portfolio-based approach, so your institution can move and adapt in today's constantly changing environment. We call this approach agileINTEL Portfolio Management.

It helps schools get back into growth mode while providing their students with support throughout their entire journey—from the time they begin their college search to equipping them with the critical skills needed to advance their career.

Our award-winning team helps institutions drive measurable improvements across this entire spectrum, from effectively capturing and engaging prospective students with innovative digital marketing strategies to delivering 24/7 technology support solutions to ensure students have the resources necessary to succeed.

We also understand finding additional funding for new marketing initiatives can be challenging. That’s why Collegis Education offers a pay-per-performance revenue share model. Our approach significantly minimizes your institution’s initial marketing investment and ensures you only pay for marketing strategies that directly result in new enrollments.

Agility Through Analytics & Experience

We factor in all the areas that impact your school's enrollment across the entire student lifecycle—from awareness to enrollment through graduation and placement.

By combining technology with industry experience, we're able to drive highly relevant support and messaging to students at any given stage of their journey. Interpret. Innovate. Integrate. It's how we test and measure to deliver the proven results that keep you moving in lockstep with the market.

Optimize Your Investment

agileINTEL considers your marketing spend holistically across the student lifecycle to address the areas of greatest opportunity, whether it is improving retention systems or better capturing the prospective students that are visiting your website today.

By providing on-going guidance on how to manage your institution's marketing investment, we can help you strategically allocate and shift dollars to effectively balance brand awareness with inquiry generation. Our approach allows for maneuverability with the market, and ensures your school invests in the areas that will deliver the most efficient results.

  1. Interpret.

    We step into your world to closely examine and understand what differentiates your institution. Our extensive experience as school leaders, and a data-driven approach, help us to understand your institution's growth opportunities.

  2. Innovate.

    Our team applies our learning during the Interpret phase to develop customized solutions to help meet your school's needs, whether it's through implementing more efficient marketing strategies or creating an optimized process for student retention.

  3. Integrate.

    We believe in achieving efficiency through constant testing, on-going learning and quick responses to the surrounding market. Our portfolio-based approach allows us to quickly maneuver in a changing landscape.

Powering Education Solutions.

Our Customers Say

“The team at Collegis Education brings a level of attention and detail to the work they do for Rasmussen College that's unlike any partner we have. What they deliver is more than marketing and analytics; they are an extension of our team and integrate themselves into our daily operations in order to understand and develop solutions for our underlying business needs.”

— Kristi A. Waite, President, Rasmussen College