Success stories: how partners overcame market challenges and achieved significant growth.

Digital drives a new generation of growth.

In one of the most competitive markets in the country, Cabrini University, needed to stand out locally to achieve undergraduate growth in the Philadelphia area. So, we took their mission-centered brand and sharpened the focus with a hyper-local digital approach. We amplified their digital display efforts and showcased their brand through paid-media channels for the first time. Using more focused targeting, we built relevant programmatic campaigns that reached their unique audience with a more compelling message.

From comprehensive website development to online course production, the development of customized, integrated solutions prepared Cabrini to better support and engage their target audience. Together, with Cabrini’s proactive recruiting and direct outreach, we helped put them on track for their largest Fall enrollment in recent history.

Key Focus Areas:

Paid search, digital media, website development, online course development

Key Results:

  • Drove 91% more inquiries originating from digital media efforts between 2015 and 2016
  • Collaboration of digital marketing with Cabrini's recruitment resulted in the largest incoming undergraduate class in nearly a decade for Fall 2016

Optimized enrollment process. More qualified students.

“We selected Collegis as our strategic partner because of the wealth of experience they brought to the table in enrollment-focused digital marketing and student engagement. The expertise they have shared in driving new sources of lead volume and optimizing recruitment efforts has been very valuable and as a result, we have increased our enrollments.”
— Charles Beutel, Vice President of Admissions and Enrollment Services, University of St. Francis

Holistic engagement.

When the University of North Alabama came to us to refresh its digital marketing efforts for the College of Business, we developed a paid media strategy that resulted in more qualified leads. But it took more than advertising to increase new enrollments. By developing a student-centric operational model, we paired their market differentiation and digital campaign with a more optimized enrollment process. Amidst a market saturated with MBA programs, that powerful combination elevated engagement significantly and helped UNA achieve sustainable growth.

Key Focus Areas:

Admissions training, paid search, programmatic marketing, enrollment process optimization

Key Statistics:

  • 72% increase in new enrollments for 2015-16 academic year
  • Process optimization sped up enrollment time for incoming students by weeks

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