Leverage data that allows you to anticipate what they need.

We start with questions. Who are your ideal students? What answers do they need to make their decision? Are they finding the right courses to help them reach their goals? All of this informs your outreach strategies, helping you target more qualified students and guide them into programs that fit their future. Relevant and timely messaging, paired with smarter, more focused tactics, helps attract the kinds of students who fit the mission and values of your institution.

The Collegis Difference

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Proven, data-driven strategies engineered to significantly impact enrollment

“Always be testing” ethos ensures our partners stay ahead of the market

Digital Media

We reach your students wherever they are — be it on social media, mobile, or other channels across the digital landscape. We also create compelling messages that engage your audience. Our strong, strategic partnerships with Google and Facebook ensure we’re always capitalizing on new technologies in PPC, display and social.

Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing

Our award-winning search engine optimization methodology improves rankings organically while gauging market demand for the content you have to offer. We craft content strategies and technical recommendations based on your students’ search patterns while making sure your on-page, technical SEO keeps pace with even the most complex search algorithms.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our CRO approach is to determine the webpages prospective students utilize the most during their search process and then optimize them for engagement and conversion in order to drive supplemental inquiries from existing web traffic.

Customized Website Solutions

Whatever solution you need, we help you prioritize your most vital enrollment tool — your website. We apply user experience design and software development alongside our digital consulting, quality assurance and project management services to establish and maintain a mobile-first experience that is relevant and engaging for prospective students. From CMS selection and migration to microsite development or complete website redesigns, Collegis has you covered.

Attract: Analytics

Are your marketing efforts actually driving enrollments? With the right data integrations, we can help you see how prospective students are engaging and re-engaging with your brand online. Having a clear picture of your data is the first step in answering your enrollment challenges.

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