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We help institutions work with students to answer the critical questions they need answered before enrolling. Then, we help you engineer a more student-centric, operationally efficient enrollment process that provides outstanding student experiences while identifying communication gaps, redundant tasks and unproductive practices.

The Collegis Difference

More than 20 years of experience growing enrollments in higher education

Drove a 72% increase in new enrollments for one of our partners in 2016

Technology-agnostic solutions that connect with current systems

CRM Implementation & Support

We are technology-agnostic. We help partners select, implement and optimize the best CRM for their needs. Assessing your existing software applications and data collection processes, we make sure you’re capturing actionable data and making a positive impact with every student interaction.

Admissions & Student Experience Training

We offer on-site, customized training to help your admissions team connect with and enroll more of your students, bringing them from inquiry to start faster and more efficiently through stronger engagement and comprehensive support.

Operational Process Optimization

We look at an institution’s processes through the eyes of the prospective student to ensure they are receiving the engagement and service needed to help support their enrollment decision. Then, we integrate these improvements into your technology platforms to ensure students are moving through your enrollment pipeline efficiently.

Online Application

Not all of your students will apply online, but most, if not all, have come to expect the option to do so. We will build you a completely customizable, online student application that makes the process smooth, quick and intuitive—all of which goes a long way in making your school appear current and responsive to the everyday demands of your applicants.

Student Readiness

We have extensive higher ed experience building courses that prepare students for success at the college level and providing them with the foundational knowledge they need to be successful in their programs.

Enroll: Analytics

Investing in new systems for your admissions team is often fruitless unless you’re cultivating actionable insights. Our analytics integration finds the biggest opportunities in your enrollment process, prioritizing outreach efforts based on likelihood to enroll so you can see real, tangible results.

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