Two decades of advancing education.

At Collegis Education, both our approach and our industry-leading technology are rooted in knowledge that can only come from deep experience in higher education. We understand the challenges institutions face to reach students, grow enrollments and, most importantly, improve student outcomes. We understand them because for decades, we have helped a diverse range of schools across the United States overcome those same challenges. What we learned along the way has shaped where we are today — and we want to share that knowledge with you.

  1. 2013 - Collegis Education

    Collegis Education is built from the same talent that served four successful higher education companies before it. At Collegis, our teams offer technology-based solutions, analytics and strategies to help a diverse range of colleges and universities navigate the changing landscape of higher education. Through these education partners, Collegis Education supports more than 27,000 students.

  2. 2003 - Rasmussen College

    While helping other schools deliver degrees online, Collegis Education leaders recognized there was still unexplored opportunity in the delivery of online education. These investors acquired Rasmussen College, a growing regionally accredited private college founded in 1900 that specialized in career-focused degree programs.

  3. 2002 - Deltak

    As more schools looked to provide online courses to their students, colleges began to face difficulties in attracting this new population of e-learners. Deltak was founded to provide recruiting and marketing support to public and private colleges and universities venturing online. Deltak is now owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  4. 2001 - Eduprise

    With the emergence of online learning, the leaders of Collegis Education created Eduprise, which combined the strong technology reputation and results of Collegis with a focus on online academic delivery.

  5. 1996 - Collegis

    Beginning with a simple idea to integrate stronger and more adaptable technology into the higher education industry, Collegis was established to deliver IT solutions to colleges and universities nationwide. This company is now owned by Ellucian Company L.P.

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