Design & Development

Build Your Virtual Campus

The events of 2020 forced higher education five to ten years into the future. In order to survive, colleges and universities had to quickly transition to online teaching and learning. Most institutions created a virtual classroom similar to an online business meeting, with professors sitting in front of cameras, lecturing as usual. This was a feat in and of itself for many campuses due to the surge in need for equipment, software, bandwidth and new skills. But as universities have adjusted to a new reality, we’ve discovered that one-way virtual education is an incomplete learning solution.

Course Development

Often, faculty are being relied on to produce their own online courses – sometimes at a fierce pace – in order to meet the demand of program development. This can result in varying levels of quality, consistency and effectiveness.

Collegis has a deeply experienced team, leveraging proprietary development tools, a foundation of best practices and the experience of building thousands of courses for more than 50 college partners over nearly two decades. We can provide a full spectrum of course development services, including:

  • Instructional Design
  • Content Development
  • Web, Interactive and Media Production
  • Video Production
  • Course assembly in your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning Technology Engineering
  • QA Testing

Faculty Development

In a best-case scenario, faculty receive training and ongoing support in the use of the LMS, other learning technology tools and online pedagogy. This is something not every school has the resources to deliver in an effective and consistent way.

The Collegis Academic Services team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in both academic leadership and student support roles. We’ve developed and deployed training experiences that are effective, practical and immediately valuable to teaching faculty members. Our model uses a mix of self-paced online learning, online synchronous sessions and face-to-face training to build skills in critical areas. Beyond formal training sessions, we also offer ongoing one-on-one coaching to faculty as they meet and overcome challenges in their online classrooms.

Our Approach

Technology-Embedded Services
Technology is in our DNA. Every Collegis solution is embedded with technology to combine the power of insights and expertise with digital tools and make you more competitive.

Customizable Services
After a deep assessment of your technology landscape, we will build a tailored solution that aligns with your institutional objectives.

Higher Ed Experience
We have a deeply experienced team leveraging proprietary development tools, a foundation of best practices and the experience of building thousands of courses for 50+ college partners since 2003.

HyFlex Empowerment
We have the perfect blend of technology management and academic development to help you create a HyFlex learning modality in line with the expectations of the University of Tomorrow™.