Learning Delivery Optimization

Better Reach. Better Results. A Better Model.

Typically, when an institution wanted to take programs online it meant hiring an online program management company (OPM) or scaling an internal team to grow online programs. Both required a lot of compromise and sacrifice – but there is a better way. Unlike the one-size-fits-all OPM model, Collegis’s method is a customized partnership approach to your institution’s needs.

By integrating tactics across admissions, marketing, programs, technology and corporate partnerships, we can build and execute a holistic roadmap to transition your courses online – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional OPM relationship.

Mutually Aligned Objectives

Collegis believes in partnerships that strengthen the entire university – taking your brand, history and beliefs with you into the online world. When you work with an OPM to bring some courses online, it’s in the very nature of an OPM agreement to exclusively focus on only the programs with the highest profit margins. What’s more, they require you to use their proprietary technology platforms in order to push profit – for them. You become a means to their success. And, because of this, there is little flexibility in OPM relationships and scarcely any control for your institution.

We don’t operate that way. Collegis is a mission-driven organization that believes in the transformative power of education. Your success is our success. We focus on the ways that we can best help you achieve growth – and then we make that happen together.

Say Goodbye to Rev-Share

Compared to the traditional revenue-share methods of OPMs, we’re far less expensive. Typical revenue-share agreements are as high as 50%, but with a fixed-fee agreement and the same growth metrics, schools end up paying the equivalent of only 12% to 15% of associated revenue to Collegis. And, as your enrollment grows, that means more money in your pocket.

Own Your Online Future

All of your online programs need attention and support. However, OPM relationships typically cherry-pick the most lucrative of your programs to work with and promote – because it’s in their best interest to choose only the most profitable programs, leaving the rest of your portfolio to die on the vine. Often, this means imposing limitations on program changes and removing control from your faculty and staff. And many OPMs are managing the same programs at multiple institutions, blurring the lines of competition.

What you need is a balanced, agile approach that focuses on your priorities and grows multiple programs online to best represent your institution as a whole – and doesn’t hamper you financially.

Unlock the Black Box

At Collegis, there is no black box. When you sign with an OPM, however, there is little to no transparency in their operations. Everything is under lock and key, keeping you from seeing your marketing spend, tactics, ROI, highest-converting channels – everything.

As we work together to transition your courses online, we will show you all the data – because it is the most important tool in your arsenal. Our team provides consistent project updates and performance reports. We operate with a partnership mentality in everything we do – working together to develop strategies and plans for long-term growth.

Collaboration and Enhancement

You have history and legacy. You have departments, staff and processes in place that reflect intimate familiarity with your institution. No one could provide more value than the loyal people and tried-and-tested practices that are already in place. You don’t need a partner to displace these resources, but rather to enrich and expand their capabilities.

Collegis partners with your team – we don’t replace them – to bring your courses online. Our in-house team of experts can augment your headcount where needed, train your existing staff in new methods – or both.

Detach from Your OPM in 90 Days

If you’re already working with an OPM, then you know that unwinding from that agreement is not easy. There are many layers of details to consider and a great deal of expertise needed to navigate the transition. Likely, your OPM is so ingrained in your systems that the task seems impossible – but it’s not.

You can regain control of your marketing, admissions and technology – and with our help, you can do it within 90 days. When you connect with us, we’ll sit down and dive deep into the details of your OPM relationship. We’ve done this before, successfully. Take advantage of our experts, who already know the corners to explore, the questions to ask and the rugs to look under. And once you are detached from your OPM, you’ll have real control over your online presence backed by all the preparation we can provide you – and a solid partnership to move forward with.