Learning Technology Ecosystem

Build Your Virtual Campus

There is a new standard for learning: high-quality HyFlex (hybrid flexible) programs offering courses via in-person, synchronous online and asynchronous online options for every course. In essence, HyFlex is education that “flexes” across all modalities, allowing the student to choose which serves them best. The student has the power to choose how they participate from class to class.

We know that students need flexibility to accommodate an ever-growing variety of life situations and learning styles. The university of tomorrow will rise to this challenge with HyFlex classroom opportunities, allowing students to take ownership of customizing their learning experiences, no matter the global circumstances. The question now: Is your institution ready?

Learning Technology Consulting

An effective learning technology ecosystem is made up of technologies and tools that are constantly in need of improvement, integration and expansion in order to have the most positive impact on faculty and student success.

Collegis brings twenty years of experience in supporting students, faculty and staff in the effective application of learning technology to improve learning outcomes. Our team offers expert guidance and support in choosing and implementing the best technology solutions to meet your needs. We offer:

  • LMS
  • Web Conferencing Systems
  • Video Platforms
  • Library Databases
  • E-textbooks
  • Virtual Labs
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Content Licensing

Since early 2020, there’s been a dramatically increased demand for colleges and universities to deploy new – or expand existing – online content offerings. While this sounds like an easy choice to make, the reality is that many institutions don’t have the internal capacity or in-house expertise to meet the demand as quickly as is needed.

Collegis manages a library of 70 courses offering in-demand, online programs. Additionally, we offer a large library of non-credit learning that institutions can leverage for professional, career and skill development of their students.