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Evolve Hybrid Learning

Evolve Hybrid Learning

Future-proof instruction delivery and give students flexibility with hybrid, flexible programs for in-person, synchronous online and asynchronous online course options.

Schools Must Think Ahead and Beyond On-Campus Learning

The events of 2020 forced higher education five to ten years into the future. To survive, colleges and universities had to quickly transition to online teaching and learning—with uneven results:

  • Lecture-style, one-way remote education without direct interaction between students, instructors and peers is an incomplete learning solution
  • Students felt unhappy and shortchanged by their experiences, citing lack of engagement, isolation, IT issues and less time in class
  • Hiring an online program management company (OPM) or scaling an internal team requires a lot of compromise and sacrifice

Colleges and universities must be prepared to successfully offer education that is responsive to the student in whatever modality they want or need.

Our Capabilities

Collegis Education offers the course design and development, technologies and tools and delivery optimization to ensure all learning outcomes are met, course offerings are accessible and multi-modal and students and faculty are supported.

Hyflex Learning

HyFlex: The Next Generation of Learning Modalities

Don’t settle for “traditional” asynchronous and static online education formats. There is a better way.