Enrollment Technology Platform

Integrate, Activate and Connect

Building a foundation on integrated data has become critical for sustainable enrollment growth and overall institutional health. In a challenging landscape hampered by disparate systems, you need high-quality, high-integrity data that yield clear, accurate insights. But getting started is messy, difficult and can require a lot of resources. We can help.

Through a sequential process that evolves data maturity by integrating and supplementing the platforms that collect such data, Collegis builds this infrastructure for our partners. Each stage of this evolution unlocks deeper reporting and insight-generation capabilities. And, by following our proven playbook, we can help you achieve full-funnel visibility and attribution-level tracking – effectively unlocking your ability to make truly data-driven decisions.

Data Enablement and Centralization to Inform Decision-Making

Leverage best-in-class technology to quantify and measure your investment and lay the foundation for clean, accurate data through:

  • Best-in-class tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Predictive intelligence

This foundation is critical to make website optimization decisions and is the first step toward attribution-level tracking.

Enrollment Process Mapping

Create a detailed view of the enrollment journey for prospective students, and then adapt marketing and admissions activities to this process in order to:

  • Bring together all enrollment stakeholders from inquiry through enrollment
  • Document the current state of business processes through the eyes of the prospective student
  • Create a shared vision for the ideal future state of business processes
  • List actionable goals to work toward
  • Review the features that your current CRM offers to support this process
  • Envision the ideal business process and use it to help improve the utilization of the current CRM

Admissions Development Program

Supply your admissions team with ongoing development designed to increase the depth of conversation. As your admissions counselors engage prospective students, prepare them to deliver brand and program differentiators tailored to the individual they are speaking with. With insights from our Enrollment Process Mapping exercise, development opportunities can be targeted to specific conversational elements of student engagement, including:

  • Building relationships
  • Differentiating programs
  • Matching services to the student
  • Gaining meaningful student commitment

Website Optimization

Even the most well-considered website redesign faces the fickle nature of search engine algorithms and the subtleties of user experience. Web visits, however, are the most easily convertible of all inquiry sources. This factor is so critical that even small increases in the conversion performance of your website can have outsized impacts on the key metrics that drive enrollment. Activities here could include:

  • Website performance optimization (WPO)
  • Enrollment Process Mapping exercise
  • Data-driven conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing

Portfolio Growth Assessment

Build on program strengths by evaluating your current portfolio for growth against consumer and market inputs. You should leverage your brand and programmatic strengths to win in your local geographies, first. Then, by applying a comprehensive analysis of consumer demand, market dynamics and competitive differentiation, you can begin to determine and prioritize programmatic and market opportunities by considering the following inputs:

  • Employment data
  • Conferral data
  • Consumer demand data
  • Competitor research

Strategic IT Operations

IT’s role is about more than fixing computers; it’s about managing the digital transformation of tomorrow’s university. Today’s tech-savvy student is more than capable of keeping up with constantly changing technology. You need strategic technology solutions to not only meet the demands of today’s student, but also lead them to the cloud, mobile apps, artificial intelligence and next-generation platforms. Strategic IT services could include:

  • Personal support center
  • Virtual CIO
  • Technology upgrade prioritization and implementation

Bottom-up Forecasting

Use a bottom-up forecasting approach to determine budgets and set realistic enrollment goals. Build a forecast and define discrete areas of scope for internal teams and potential partner vendors beginning with your:

  • Desired enrollment numbers
  • Estimated acquisition costs by marketing channel
  • Required number of admissions reps
  • Estimated conversion rates
  • Cost per enrollment