Customizable Enrollment Solutions

Tomorrow’s learners grow more sophisticated with each passing year. The way to effectively reach them is by cutting through the digital noise and clutter that surrounds them every day – through activities encompassing the right balance of marketing, admissions/recruitment and data enablement. Our strength is our expertise across these categories and our ability to create custom solutions to fit your precise need – even as it changes.

Collegis works on a go-forward plan that is directly linked to your objectives and is agile enough to respond to shifts in campaign performance and market dynamics. When constructing an enrollment strategy, we use your business and enrollment processes to identify all areas of opportunity for your institution. We then take your data and infuse it with our insights to build a comprehensive plan.

Once a plan is in place, our team does what they are experts at: become the best representatives of your name possible. Whether building relationships with potential students or digging into your data – or both – we will support you as you grow through efficiencies and ROI.


The market has fundamentally shifted with the rise of mega-universities and the continued proliferation of OPM contracts. To compete and grow today, you need to adopt a hyper-focus on program differentiation and aggressively pursue non-paid marketing channels. Complete data integration across advertising platforms, your website and your CRM are required to accomplish this. And although human interaction will always be at the core of communications, you will need to leverage technology to create frictionless student experiences.

At the heart of all our marketing initiatives lies a rigorous focus on student-centric and data-driven approaches that drive clarity and optimization for business decisions. Partnering with us means you will have the tools for long-term sustainable growth.

Recruitment and Admissions

Between your competition, summer melt and events in the lives of your prospective students, you need to maximize every point of contact. From inquiry to application to start, they must be met with well-timed messages that strengthen their commitment to your institution. With the help of Collegis and our experience applying data to the changing needs of students, you can strengthen your communication and engagement outreach, reduce friction and create targeted solutions that ensure you are protecting every stage of the enrollment process.

Martech Implementation and Activation

When it comes to enrollment and admissions outreach processes, good clean data is key. For many of our partners, disparate systems make high-integrity data difficult. Creating an ecosystem that makes this possible, however, is complicated and often overlooked or pushed off into a nebulous “future” time. But it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Collegis, you can have a data infrastructure that allows for full-funnel visibility and attribution-level tracking that enables you to effectively unlock your ability to make truly data-driven decisions.

Implement Optimized Google Analytics

  • Best-in-class Google Analytics
  • Goal and funnel metrics
  • Attribution-level reporting
  • Activate Data

Deeper reporting capabilities

  • Insight into the performance of your marketing investments
  • Data integration with your other platforms and business intelligence tools

Personal Support Center

The Collegis Personal Support Center (PSC) offers 24/7 technical support for students, faculty and staff. Our friendly professionals are process-oriented and will help navigate every inquiry from password resets to providing knowledge on how the systems work. Our staff pride themselves on being your single point of contact for every concern. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about service outages because our services are managed across fully redundant locations to ensure your constituents will always be tended to.

Every service level agreement with our Personal Support Center includes:

  • Scalable staffing models to handle busy call times
  • Industry-leading ticket-management systems for phone, email and chat communication
  • Remote desktop support

Website Performance Optimization

Even the most well-considered website redesign faces the fickle nature of search engine algorithms and the subtleties of user experience. Website visits, however, are the most easily convertible of all inquiry sources. This factor is so critical that even small increases in the conversion performance of your website can have outsized impacts on the key metrics that drive enrollment.

Activities here could include:

  • Website performance optimization (WPO)
  • Enrollment Process Mapping exercise
  • Data-driven conversion rate optimization (CRO) test

Creative Development

On top of everything else, your school is a brand and your audiences expect a level of marketing sophistication for them to connect with. At the same time, your communications don’t exist in a vacuum. We believe in smart creative. By working together across media, analytics and admission teams, our creative and brand team integrates performance and research results to continually plan testing strategies related to visuals and key messages.

Collegis creative services include:

  • Brand and identity development
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Audience personas and journey mapping
  • Content planning and execution
  • Website, UI and UX design and development
  • Email strategy, copy, layout and delivery
  • Interactive and digital media
  • Event graphics and promotional materials
  • Print graphics and production
  • Creative review and consultation