The Collegis Difference

A true partner who knows higher education inside and out.

As a dedicated partner, we can provide any combination of elements relevant to your organization in whatever capacity you want to work with us. Our breadth and depth of services can uniquely accommodate your needs because we are solely focused on higher education. We live and breathe the same issues our partners face, providing solutions to a broad range of challenges.

The acceleration of change in higher education means that decades of consistency has been flipped in just the last few years. Running a college or university isn’t like running a business. The pressures you face aren’t like those common in any other business – but you have to deal with the same day-to-day challenges too. Once-consistent numbers and predictions are now volatile. In the new world of ever-evolving uncertainty, you need calm.

Other businesses write a mission statement in an afternoon.
You live yours for generations.
Businesses forecast for the future.
You mold the individuals who are going to create it.
Your raw materials are people, knowledge and skills.
Your products are tomorrow’s leaders.
Your brand is the world’s future.
Your bottom line is too important to get wrong.
We can help.

The Collegis Approach

Collegis differentiates itself through a deep and nuanced understanding of the relationship between enrollment growth and revenue growth.

For institutions strapped due to continued discounting, annual tuition hikes and painful budget reductions, we understand that student quality is more important than quantity. Quantity without quality can increase costs at other points in the institution and, ultimately, sap revenue even while sustaining enrollment.

Interdependencies and complexities can make or break your investment. We have proven experience identifying gaps and risk points in the revenue growth ecosystem – and then tailoring solutions to provide specific, measurable gains. We’ve helped lead our partners away from a brand focus to solutions focused on programs, outcomes and tangible benefits to today’s discerning and consumer-minded students.

It’s vital to create a plan for revenue growth that is data-driven, market-calculated and refreshed annually to align with changing dynamics and institutional priorities.

The plan we create together will serve as a living document throughout our partnership – as well as functioning as a guide for your institution’s long-term sustainability. We have the experts, experience and technology to execute admissions and marketing investments as a portfolio, allowing you to adopt a process for continually optimizing and maximizing your return on investment.

We have purposefully constructed our teams to consist of broad and expansive capabilities across the entire enrollment ecosystem: marketing, technology, admissions and programs.

We believe in the power of collaboration, both internally and with our partners. Our dedicated teams share learns and insights and we help you develop your own areas of expertise for long-term, sustainable solutions.

At Collegis, we see across departments and silos to form a multidimensional view of your institution and the solutions needed to activate revenue growth. We don’t expect you to outsource your core competencies to us. We know that’s not a healthy partnership model. Rather, we seek to supplement strengths, augment weaknesses and strengthen our partnership for long-term health and viability.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in higher education. Each institution has a distinct mission, vision and objectives. And each deserves customized, thoughtful solutions that not only encourage revenue growth, but are delivered in harmony with institutional values and standards.

We ensure quality students by using our wealth of marketing, technology and programmatic capabilities to target the right students at the right time in their selection process. Then, we ensure your admissions processes and student experiences are able to nurture high-quality prospects through enrollment.

We measure attribution and performance to recalculate strategies for even more efficiency and impact. This continual process of launch, test, learn, repeat allows us to refine each tactic according to the specific needs and objectives of our partners.

Collegis is committed to the transformative power of higher education.

We see your proud graduates, your life-changing outcomes, and your impact on local and regional economies. In fact, we were formed within the walls of an institution and it’s all we do. We value every partner, regardless of endowment or budget. We treat each partner as if they are the only one we have and our survival in this difficult landscape is mutually dependent.

We understand that, for our partners to be successful during and after our partnerships, we need to share data, develop best practices and operate with committed regard for their long-term viability. We understand that your students, staff and communities will depend on your institution long after the partnership has concluded. This distinctive perspective and dedication to the industry inform every decision and underscore every discussion.