Pick up a newspaper almost any day of the week and you’re bound to come across a story of another high-profile organization being hacked and hemorrhaging personal information about tens of millions of consumers. Sony PicturesJPMorgan ChaseTargetExperian/T-Mobile and the U.S. Office of Personnel Managementare just a few of the growing number of organizations recently targeted by cyber attackers.

But colleges and universities are safe, right? Wrong. The February 2016 data breach at the University of Central Florida is a sobering reminder that higher ed institutions are targeted because they possess a wealth of student information.

In fact, the cost of a data breach per lost or stolen record differs depending on the industry, and data breaches in higher education are among the most expensive of any industry. But the true cost of a data breach goes well beyond the fees for forensic and investigative activities, assessment and audit services, crisis team management and communications.

We used Google Consumer Surveys to ask prospective students 18-24 years old how important it is to them that their college or university can protect their personal data. Here is what they said.

higher ed data security breach