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  • Our 11 Most-Read Higher Ed Articles of 2021
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Our 11 Most-Read Higher Ed Articles of 2021

As higher ed enters its third calendar year affected by the pandemic, we’ve been reflecting on the overall sector landscape in 2021. To do this, we reviewed our Google Analytics to see which issues and trends were top-of-mind for our higher education readers as they continued to navigate COVID-19 and other acute challenges, including:

  • Enrollment declines: Overall college enrollment for the fall semester was down once again, decreasing 2.3 percent across the nation (and adding to 2020’s drop).
  • Data breaches: Cyberattacks continued to plague institutions. During the first quarter of 2021, the education sector accounted for nearly 10% of globally reported cyberattacks, compared with 7.5% during the first quarter of 2020.

Fortunately, with increased federal aid and the wide availability of coronavirus vaccines, colleges and universities had some capacity to think beyond short-term operations in 2021. Our findings showed that information around online/hybrid learning, changing student demographics, enrollment tactics and digital transformation attracted the most readers in 2021.

The following articles were the 11 most-read and shared pieces on our website in the past year – take a look!

Higher ed trends to look for in 2022

While some operational shifts that emerged early in the pandemic will stay in place due to ongoing COVID-19 risks, we think 2022 will be a year of long-term transformation initiatives – both in student experiences and institutional operations. To stay competitive and financially sustainable, we anticipate forward-looking institutions to focus heavily on the following issues and initiatives:

  • Reversing enrollment declines
  • Finalizing the allocation of federal COVID-19 relief funds
  • Delivering more flexible and accessible learning options
  • Protecting the institution from data breaches and staying insured
  • Bolstering IT departments (which are currently experiencing high levels of staff turnover)

If any of the topics discussed in these articles are still a challenge for your institution, or you’re interested in strategies to grow enrollments, deliver quality learning experiences and manage/secure your technology ecosystems, Collegis Education can help.

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