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Our 10 Most-Read Higher Ed Articles of 2020

Over the past month, we reflected on what we learned about higher ed in 2020. We reviewed our Google Analytics to see which issues and trends were topofmind for schools’ leaders and faculty as they navigated COVID-19.   

Our findings (unsurprisingly) showed that information around online learning, alternative learning delivery models and student enrollment and retention were the topics that attracted many readers in 2020. The following articles were the 10 most-read pieces on our website – take a look! 

Our most-read higher ed articles:

  1. Online Education vs. Remote Learning: 5 Features of a Quality Distance Learning Program 

  2. How College Instructors Can Avoid 5 Common Problems with Online Learning 

  3. Answering 8 Common Questions About the CARES Act Related to Higher Education 

  4. Economics of an OPM vs. an Unbundled OPE: The Financial Impacts of Partnership for Online Programs 

  5. The 7 Biggest Higher Ed Technology Challenges Schools Are Facing Amidst COVID-19 

  6. Higher Ed Enrollment Dashboards That Can Help Inform Recruitment Strategies 

  7. 8 Overlooked Factors Affecting College Persistence and Retention 

  8. The Future of Residential Classes Is Hybrid Learning 

  9. Assessing Students When Your Residential Class Moves Online 

  10. What Is a HyFlex Course Model? A Closer Look at This Alternative Delivery Model  

The future of higher ed is here 

The challenges of 2020 reinforced the need for agility, transformation and innovation. At Collegis, we believe that 2021 will bring about the rise of the University of Tomorrow – institutions prepared to deliver high-quality, technology-infused learning experiences that transcend geographic limitations and put the focus on student needs and demands.

If any of the topics discussed in these articles are still a challenge for your institution, or you’re interested in strategies for prioritizing technology at the forefront of your learning and operations, Collegis’, reach out to us to learn more.

Let our team of experts help you navigate the changes ahead.

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