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AMA 2020 Symposium Preview

Higher education marketers are no strangers to change, and that adaptability has been needed more than ever this year. Amidst a global pandemic and growing social justice movements, institutions recognized the need to revamp their approach to engaging with both current and prospective students.

The 2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education couldn’t come at a better time. This virtual event is all about collaboratively identifying innovative solutions that can help institutions confront the challenges ahead.

Collegis Education is proud to be a sponsor of this conference, and we will be occupying one of the virtual exhibit hall booths – as well as hosting a presentation on how to collect and use data for better, faster decision-making. In anticipation of this event, we’ve compiled a number of resources that address the tools and tactics institutions need to meet today’s students where they are – and on their terms.

Below, you’ll discover how you can connect with Collegis at the conference and also find some select articles on higher education marketing we think will inspire you as the event approaches.

Connect with us

You can engage with Collegis Education at the event in a few ways. First, visit our booth in the virtual exhibit hall to speak with some of our marketing experts about effective ways to better reach students. We’d love to discuss strategies surrounding data integration, automated communications and more.

We also invite you to attend Martech Maturity Model: Creating a Tangible Data Framework, Starting with Google Analytics and your CRM, our breakout session, at 11:15 a.m. (central) on November 17. This presentation will be led by Dan Antonson, associate director – marketing technology & analytics at Collegis Education, and will discuss common sources of friction in enrollment management systems and how to collect and activate data to inform decision-making.

Find inspiration

Prior to the conference, you may find it energizing to read some articles that focus on how to effectively engage with prospects at every stage of the student journey.

Higher Ed Enrollment Dashboards That Can Help Inform Recruitment Strategies

Institutions are teeming with data that can provide invaluable insight, so long as they understand how to find meaning in all of those metrics. Rather than poring through spreadsheets to search for numbers, consider building some charts, graphs and other visualizations to help uncover actionable information. Review this article to see examples of some of the dashboards we recommend – and how you can use them for data-driven decision-making.

Studying the Prospective Student Journey: 8 Stages of the College Decision Process

Today’s students devote a considerable amount of time to researching different career paths and educational options before committing to an institution. To effectively attract and retain students, institutions need to connect with them at every stage of their journey. Take a look at this infographic to find out how to effectively engage with students before, during and even after they’ve completed their education.

Does Your College Really Need a New Website? Factors to Consider

While colleges and universities invest a lot of money in efforts that drive prospects to their websites, the final destination itself is sometimes lackluster. But poor performance doesn’t necessarily mean an entire website redesign is necessary. Read this article to learn more about what evaluating an institution’s primary digital presence entails – and how to determine the best next steps for your school’s site.