How will the needs of today’s students impact the future of higher education marketing? That is the question on the mind of every higher ed marketer planning for the future of our industry.

To answer this question and others, Collegis Education Chief Marketing Officer Brad Frank sat down with Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association, to shed light on trends and topics emerging in higher education. The series of eight video interviews covers topics from key trends to watch to omni-channel marketing strategies to rethinking your enrollment process.

Ahead of the upcoming 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, here’s a sampling of our favorite interview segments. You can view the full interview series on our YouTube channel.

Key Trends Impacting Today’s Higher Education Market

To predict the future, we need to visit the past. Colleges need to think about many different factors and determine where they want to innovate to get ahead of the market. Listen in as Frank discusses the past trends and new opportunities that are affecting higher education today.

Making an Emotional Connection with Prospective Students

The decision to go to college is both personal and emotional. As Frank says in this video interview, “We’re not buying a pair of socks.” The college decision and purchase becomes a part of a student’s identity. In this video, hear why it is so important to make an emotional connection with your prospective students.

Tips for Colleges Looking to Differentiate Their School

Colleges and universities looking to differentiate themselves in the competitive higher education landscape need to remember one thing: Precision is key. Watch this video to discover the steps it takes to develop and differentiate your positioning.

Looking for more?

The videos above are just a sampling of the many higher ed insights Frank shares. Check out the full playlist on our YouTube channel for even more.

And don’t forget to stop by the Collegis Education booth at the 2019 AMA Symposium of for the Marketing of Higher Education on Nov. 10-13 in Las Vegas. We’re talking about higher education marketing and giving away lots of swag throughout the whole conference.