Three Collegis leaders in marketing technology have been sought out as experts in the field this past year.

Below are glimpses into the insights they’ve offered as well as details on the Collegis presentation we’re preparing for the the 2018 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. Collegis is a proud sponsor of this event.


Trends in Higher Ed Martech for Revenue Growth

Featuring: Bob King

Executive Vice President of Partner Strategy
Collegis Education
Russ Klein
American Marketing Association


[Video: 1:30]


Russ Klein: How can marketing technology help higher ed marketers succeed?

Bob King: You can’t talk about marketing – you can’t talk about admissions – without talking about technology anymore. Marketing technology is a crucial piece of understanding the data and transforming the experience that students are having as they look to enroll at your school.

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Breaking Down the Complexities of Higher Ed Data Systems

Featuring: Dan Antonson
Senior Manager, Marketing Technology
Collegis Education

…One roadblock typical to higher ed is that a key tool that colleges depend on, the customer relationship management system (CRM), can make or break whether data capture may be automated or not. If data cannot be captured, the barriers to mining it to create meaningful reporting are so resource intensive that it becomes impractical.

Unfortunately, many colleges’ CRMs were not built to connect with other systems. Some may allow for nightly automated updates that connect the CRM data with marketing attribution or funnel information so that the admissions and marketing team can get a read on how their campaigns are doing. Read more

That Creepy Feeling That Your Digital Campaign Is Underperforming

Featuring: Jeff Certain
Director of Partner Strategy
Collegis Education

…Since digital marketing is so fast-paced, colleges deserve to have line-of-sight into each campaign’s daily progress. The best college-agency partnerships are almost seamless, allowing for the free flow of information between the two. An agency with higher ed experience will be well versed in working with both marketing and admissions teams and will be able to start each internal conversation at an advanced level that demonstrates they understand the challenges faced by each role on the college side. They know what to look for. As a result they are able to be responsive, quickly allocate resources, and implement plans. Read more

Attending the AMA Symposium?

If you attend the 2018 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, please stop by our booth or attend Dan Antonson and Jeff Certain’s presentation. Details below.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

2018 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

When: November 4-7, 2018 I Where: Orlando, FL

Collegis Education is a proud sponsor of the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. Join us to connect with 1,200+ peers who are working through the same challenges you are.

Collegis will present:

Is Your Martech Game on Point?
Visualizing How Your Marketing Drives Enrollment Growth


Dan Antonson, Senior Manager, Marketing Technology

Jeff Certain, Director, Partnership Strategy

The integration of your marketing technology is critical to growing revenue at your institution. Your prospective student journey is enabled by all kinds of different technology – content management systems, marketing automation, CRMs, digital analytics – but those tools don’t always work together to create a cohesive view.

Consider how much more powerful your institution’s data would be if all of the information captured by the above tools could be attributed or tracked from start to finish.

During this session, Dan Antonson and Jeff Certain will walk through Collegis Education’s gameboard exercise to:

  • map out the technology stack
  • identify gaps
  • integrate technology solutions
  • visualize your martech stack as a unified picture