Myth Busting Higher Ed Marketing

An AMA Interview Series with Bob King

Bob King, now executive vice president of partner strategy at Collegis Education, sat down with American Marketing Association (AMA) CEO Russ Klein to share insights into higher ed marketing.

We’ve organized these insights into a collection of eleven videos that range from 1-2 minutes, and a couple that are just over that. To jump ahead to any of the videos in the collection, hover over the video to reveal the menu, then click on the upper left menu icon to reveal the full play list. From there, you may select a video from the list.

This video collection includes:

1. What is the Biggest Myth About Marketing in Higher Education? (3:54)

2. What New Martech Tools Are Giving Higher Ed Marketers An Advantage? (1:54)

3. How Can Marketing Technology Help Higher Ed Marketers Succeed? (1:30)

4. How to Be More Student Centric In Your Marketing (2:40)

5. What is the Next Big Thing for Higher Education Marketers? (2:42)

6. Where to Find Quick Wins to Boost College Enrollment? (1:30)

7. Change Management: How Marketers Can Help Colleges Manage the Risks of Innovation (2:10)

8. Partnering With External Resources: Are Your Business Objective Aligned? (2:34)

9. How Can We Manage the Tensions Between Marketing and Admissions? (1:40)

10. Recognizing that Education is an Emotional Purchase (1:36)

11. How has the Enrollment Growth Playbook Changed? (1:14)