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COVID-19’s Impact on Higher Ed [On-Demand Webinar]

2020-09-28T18:08:45+00:00April 27, 2020|

Once reserved for either history books or works of fiction, the concept of a pandemic crossed into reality once again when COVID-19 began spreading across the globe. Nearly every industry has experienced challenges as a result, but higher education is facing a particularly heavy burden. In the middle of the academic year, colleges and universities closed facilities, sent students home, and transitioned to online business operations and course delivery nearly overnight.

Most schools have been working overtime just to keep functioning as institutions. But now that the dust is starting to settle, colleges need to take stock of how well they’re operating – and what it will take to move past mere survival.

In an effort to assist the higher education community as it manages these complex challenges, Collegis Education hosted a conversation with Robert Lytle, Global Head of Education at EY-Parthenon, to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting institutions. A strategy advisor with more than two decades of experience, Lytle has deep insight into how colleges and universities operate.

Throughout the discussion, which was facilitated by Collegis Education Board Member J. Michael Locke, Lytle offered both reflection on what’s occurred since the COVID-19 outbreak as well as perspective on what the coming months and years are likely to hold for institutions.

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