For many online faculty members, the start of a new term means the arduous process of creating new course calendar entries one-by-one. To simplify this process, the Collegis Learning Applications team developed a free Building Block for Blackboard Learn. The Calendar Import Building Block allows users to create a formatted .CSV file that includes all calendar entries for their course, and then import them with a few clicks.

Click here to download the free tool.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Calendar Import Building Block, users can access the building block through the Course Tools menu, where they can import calendar entries from a .CSV file.

blackboard learn calendar import building block

The .CSV file itself must include four columns – start date, end date, title, and description, with the headers contained in the first row.  For the start and end date, you have the ability to enter just a date, or a date and a corresponding time of day, and an optional end date.

Sample Contents of .CSV File

Start Date,End Date,Title,Description

“12/3/2014 12:00PM”,”12/3/2014 1:00PM”,”Sample Entry 1″,”A full entry.”

“12/3/2014″,””,”Sample Entry 2″,”Just a start date.”

The tool will automatically identify and reject any identified duplicate entries. And upon completion, a results page will be displayed with a list of each entry and the status.

blackboard learn calendar import example

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