Wistia video thumbnail - EP06 - 3 Questions Schools Need To Ask When Outsourcing IT Services

Hi, this is Todd from Collegis Education. I’d like to spend the next few minutes talking about the three most important questions schools need to ask when considering outsourcing IT services.

Schools often feel the pain of poor technology decisions, which can then impact student retention and satisfaction in negative ways. One way to improve overall operations is to outsource the institution’s IT functions and let your staff focus on academic objectives.

But believe me, I know that considering outsourced IT services can be daunting. Even the word “outsourcing” could be considered a negative one without the right context. Outsourcing your IT to the right service provider can lead to higher quality technology support, more academic innovation, more efficient student support processes and, when done right, will provide either lower cost or greater value to the institution

First, is your data secure? Information security is paramount to protecting individual and organizational data online. Data breaches are the number one way to lose credibility in the market and negatively impact your enrollments.

Be sure your potential technology partner has security controls in place. For example, which third-party approval or security approval certifications do they hold? SOC, or “Service Organization Control” is one of the most common and most rigorous certifications out there, so look for that one.

Second, what services are being provided? Make sure you’re outsourcing services that can be directly tied to strategic initiatives like student success, affordability and teaching. Services should be measurable and tied to specific outcomes that are linked to the success of your institution.

And third, how will outsourcing IT impact your budget? Most schools think investments in technology means redistributing funds away from academics. But, outsourcing IT can decrease your technology spend on hardware, software and operational expenses so that you can focus budget on learning experiences.

As the higher education landscape evolves, colleges and universities need to evolve with it. Outsourcing IT is one way to keep your school technologically relevant and fiscally responsible.

This is Todd, vice president of IT infrastructure at Collegis, and thanks for listening!