Marketing Optimization

Reach. Personalize. Persuade.

Tomorrow’s learners are sophisticated consumers of marketing. To cut through the digital noise requires the right balance of marketing, recruitment and data enablement.

Collegis can help you integrate data across advertising platforms, your website and your CRM. At the heart of all our marketing initiatives lies a focus on student-centric, data-driven approaches that deliver clarity for smart business decisions and healthy ROI.


The market has fundamentally shifted with the rise of mega-universities and the continued proliferation of OPM contracts. To compete and grow today, you need to adopt a hyper-focus on program differentiation and aggressively pursue non-paid marketing channels. Complete data integration across advertising platforms, your website and your CRM are required to accomplish this. And although human interaction will always be at the core of communications, you will need to leverage technology to create frictionless student experiences.

At the heart of all our marketing initiatives lies a rigorous focus on student-centric and data-driven approaches that drive clarity and optimization for business decisions. Partnering with us means you will have the tools for long-term sustainable growth.

Website Performance Optimization

Even the most well-considered website redesign faces the fickle nature of search engine algorithms and the subtleties of user experience. Website visits, however, are the most easily convertible of all inquiry sources. This factor is so critical that even small increases in the conversion performance of your website can have outsized impacts on the key metrics that drive enrollment.

Activities here could include:

  • Website performance optimization (WPO)
  • Enrollment Process Mapping exercise
  • Data-driven conversion rate optimization (CRO) test

Campaign Development

When built strategically and in alignment with key milestones during the student experience, automated marketing campaigns can have a profound ability to deliver relevant, timely content to current and yielded students at critical points in their journey. In turn, this ability to anticipate student questions and concerns can have a measurable impact on conversion and engagement.

Creative Development

On top of everything else, your school is a brand and your audiences expect a level of marketing sophistication for them to connect with. At the same time, your communications don’t exist in a vacuum. We believe in smart creative. By working together across media, analytics and admission teams, our creative and brand team integrates performance and research results to continually plan testing strategies related to visuals and key messages.

Collegis creative services include:

  • Brand and identity development
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Audience personas and journey mapping
  • Content planning and execution
  • Website, UI and UX design and development
  • Email strategy, copy, layout and delivery
  • Interactive and digital media
  • Event graphics and promotional materials
  • Print graphics and production
  • Creative review and consultation