Higher Ed Program Analysis 2020: Navigating an Ever-Changing Market

Most colleges and universities understandably value their well-established identities. But more and more of these institutions are discovering the tactics that have traditionally worked to attract students simply aren’t as effective anymore. What’s changed? Students have vastly different preferences than they did a few generations ago. And the market is more competitive than ever — fiercely so.

Today, any portfolio adjustment — launching, cutting or growing a program — requires careful consideration. Making changes that are based on a hunch or something that worked in the past is simply too risky in such a rapidly changing market. Success is certainly still possible, but institutions need to make use of available data to inform decisions.

Of course, numbers without insights aren’t particularly helpful. This is why Collegis Education has conducted extensive research on higher education programming. The resulting analysis helped us to identify student-driven changes, areas that present either opportunity or risk and obstacles to effective market entry.

What you can learn from this analysis:

  • How the degree market is structured and the driving forces behind what’s growing, stable and declining
  • How to balance a program portfolio in a way that accounts for growth opportunities as well as potential risk
  • How to identify barriers to entry
  • How to self-assess opportunities and make data-informed decisions — a new program worksheet is included in the full report

The real goal is to achieve a well-rounded portfolio that offsets areas that may be struggling with core and high-growth programs. Find out how you can evolve to stay in lock-step with market changes by downloading our program analysis today.

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