Higher Ed Program Pricing in a Post—COVID-19 World

Tuition costs have always been a top concern for aspiring college students and their families. The arrival of COVID-19 and its disruption among higher education and society in general has amplified that concern even further.

Many schools have opted to transition residential courses fully online or adopt a hybrid format, which has students questioning the quality and value of the education they’re investing in. Institutions need to be considering how they can readjust their programs, messaging or even tuition pricing itself in order to address the financial concerns of current and future students.

There may not be a good historical example that can serve as a reference, but it’s possible to glean some insight from leading online learning providers. The Collegis Education team has done extensive research and analysis on this topic in order to help schools better understand what it will take to remain competitive in the market moving forward.

What you can learn from this report:

  • How leading mega-universities have achieved success in online education
  • How these mega-universities are able to keep their tuition levels low
  • Which essential technologies are needed to provide a quality distance learning program
  • How smaller institutions can compete in the market by focusing on a few key areas

In these challenging and uncertain times, colleges need to prove the value of their price points now more than ever.

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