Technology Requirements for Digital Transformation in Higher Ed ebook

Higher ed is behind most sectors in adopting technology and digital transformation. However, COVID-19 reshaped student expectations and requirements, accelerating the need for institutions to adopt new technologies to improve student experiences and operations.

As higher ed leaders chart their course beyond the pandemic, those who prioritize technology and elevate their IT department’s role as a strategic partner within the institutional ecosystem will be best positioned for long-term sustainability.

To help college and university leaders plan an integrated technology ecosystem, this ebook offers key considerations for the tech requirements and initiatives that drive effective digital transformation in higher ed.

Key points addressed

In this ebook, you’ll learn more about the following:

  • Steps for establishing a stable IT foundation for digital transformation
  • How to build processes for making institutional technology decisions
  • Top tech challenges faced by schools during COVID-19 (and how they should be addressed)
  • How to structure IT support services to accommodate online learners
  • Cybersecurity risks in a remote learning environment

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