Higher Education Design Thinking Toolkit

Everything you need to rethink the old way of doing things.

Replace Wondering with Doing

We’ve turned our expertise as innovation enablers in higher education into practical workshops and tools to help you lead lasting change at your institution. Freely explore all of our toolkit resources, but we recommend the following order:

  • Start by asking the big questions in our customized Think Sheets.
  • Choose a question that highlights your biggest gap or opportunity.
  • Plug that question into the exercises in our Design Thinking Workbook.
  • Lead a workshop at your institution or ask our experts to facilitate one for you.
  • Explore and scope the solutions you’ve generated and take action!

Why use design thinking in higher education?

Design thinking is an operating philosophy that nurtures innovation by understanding all stakeholders’ needs, desires and pain points. When you embrace design thinking, you position your institution to rethink higher education. Envison what comes next for your school and your learners.

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