Bob King

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Bob King began his career in higher education at DePauw University 25 years ago, where he served as an admissions representative for the school. Since then, he has spent the majority of his career in higher education. He has served both on the school administrator side as well as in various organizations focused on supporting higher education.

An entrepreneur at heart, King joined Rasmussen, Inc. in 2003 to oversee both the Rasmussen College and Deltak marketing teams. He helped Rasmussen grow enrollment from 1,800 per year to 15,000 per year over the course of ten years. He is one of the founders of Collegis Education, where he served as the visionary for the innovative revenue growth strategies employed by the organization for its partners. Currently, King serves as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, responsible for strategic partnerships and business development for the organization.

What drew you to embarking on a career in higher ed?

Throughout the course of my life I have frequently witnessed the transformative power of education. Education opens doors, broadens perspective and changes lives in ways that few other things do. Early on in my career I knew that I wanted to be part of a mission-driven industry that had the power to transform lives.

What do you wish prospective partners knew about you?

I believe in using our customers’ metrics as our barometer of success rather than internal metrics. As an organization, we are passionate and committed to helping our partners realize their goals.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned over the course of your career?

Be authentic. Higher education is moving at a pace not really ever seen before, and those changes require candid conversations and strong decisions. I was always taught to speak openly and candidly and now, more than ever, schools need that type of communication to address their opportunities to grow.

Favorite technology outside of work:

As an avid photographer and a tech geek I am always playing around with new imaging technologies. Most recently I have started doing more with capturing the micro-moments of life through video.


Master of Business Administration
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Bachelor of Arts in English
DePauw University

“Education has the power to transform lives. I love knowing that the work we do helps people across the country achieve their dreams.”

– Bob King


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