Brad Frank

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Frank has worked in education for over ten years. As chief marketing officer, Frank brings executive marketing experience earned at Collegis, Rasmussen College and Capella University, as well as over 20 years in marketing, including roles with Samuel Adams and Procter & Gamble. In 2016, he left the corporate world to pursue his passion for teaching mathematics at the middle-school level. During summer breaks from teaching, Frank provided Collegis with consulting services in marketing and professional development.

Having achieved outstanding scores for his students’ learning, based on Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores, Frank began to focus on how he could further impact people through teaching, upskilling and professional development. Given Collegis Education’s overlapping interests in this area, Collegis and Frank recognized that bringing Frank back as chief marketing officer would be a perfect fit for each. In August 2018, Frank was named CMO.

Tell us about what draws you to education.

Education found me more than I found it, but once I was in it, I stayed with it. Education and marketing combine my interests in math, analytics, helping organizations run and helping others meet their professional development goals.

But perhaps among the most rewarding experiences in education are the graduation ceremonies. That’s when you see how a family will be impacted by all the progress the student made. Often, I’d hear a student mention that they were the first in their family to hit that milestone. And then you realize that it’s going to have a positive impact on their entire family, for years to come.

Can you describe your leadership style?

I value people and think deeply. I look to create solutions that work for and within complex organizations. To do this well, we need to use qualitative and quantitative data to generate insights, and then use those insights to drive action. Many organizations jump from data to action, but it is the thoughtful step of generating and understanding insights that will enable us to consistently do the right work and help our clients grow.

What does a Saturday look like for you?

I have a wife and two kids, ages 14 and 16, so they are often the focus of my weekends. That might involve coaching and sports, but, also, my daughter and I have a routine of baking together on Saturdays. We usually make desserts like eclairs or cakes, but we’ve known to tackle ravioli, too.


Master of Business Administration
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Master of Arts in Elementary Education and Teaching
Western Governors University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Tufts University


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