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Doug Olsen

Vice President, Product and Technology

Doug Olsen has 15 years of experience bridging marketing, technology and analytics in the higher ed space. Throughout his career he has leveraged his software engineering and digital marketing experience to create technology platforms that drive consumer engagement and revenue growth.

Olsen is well versed in using predictive analytics and was among the first to operationalize predictive models to help drive new enrollment growth in higher ed. He also participated in visualizing and creating one of the earliest omnichannel digital marketing platforms in higher ed. Prior to joining Collegis Education, Olsen worked at Capella University as vice president of data strategy and analytics.

What made you want to go into data analytics, technology and marketing?

Honestly, it wasn’t a conscious decision. It pulled me in at the very beginning. I discovered technology early and I simply couldn’t learn, create or innovate enough to satisfy myself – it was an all-consuming passion.

What was your favorite course in college?

Philosophy. Like analytics and software, there is a purely logical component in analyzing and solving problems. However, like the messy world we actually live in, the issues we wrestled with rarely had a clear right or wrong answer. I think this helped teach me how to break down complex problems and the value of being open minded and flexible in my thinking.

What is the most recent tech tool you’ve gotten for yourself?

Samsung SmartThings. The app allows for controlling all kind of things like lights, doors, keys, cars and more. I have entered the realm of home automation.


Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems
Washington State University

“While my focus is on analytics and technology, my past marketing leadership experience has made me acutely aware of the challenges related to meeting top line revenue goals and the forethought needed to drive continuous year-over-year growth.”

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