Patrick Branham

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Patrick Branham has 18 years of experience in higher ed, with ten years as a chief financial officer for Rasmussen College.

Says Branham: “I received my first MBA from the University of Chicago, my ‘second’ from working on more than 100 merger and acquisition transactions over a period of five years, and my ‘third’ from growing a Midwestern college from five campuses to 26 and increasing revenue from less than $20 million to over $200 million.”

Branham’s passion for higher education stems from having been a first-generation college student and experiencing firsthand how education can transform a person’s life.

What helps you connect with prospective partners when you first meet?

My very direct and candid communication style resonates with our partners. This is particularly important as my involvement typically relates to the structuring of large, strategic deals. Our partners know they are going to hear the positive and the negative, and that I have both partners’ best interest at heart.

Best lesson from having worked in higher ed:

At the end of the day, your word and reputation are all you have and all people remember. Do what you say you will do and make sure people can always count on that. Additionally, never stop growing. I pick one significant development area each year and work diligently on improving in that specific area.

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded to your smartphone?

I recently downloaded Duolingo to work on my Spanish. I also shifted from Facebook to Instagram (to stay relevant and keep an eye on my older kids).


Master of Business Administration, Finance
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Illinois State University

“It’s exciting to see the changes occuring in higher ed and to be a part of the continued evolution of how education is delivered and supported.”

– Patrick Branham


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