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Higher Ed Programmatic Market Analysis 2019

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Managing Risk in a Complex Market

The nature of higher ed programming today is that both opportunity and risk are obscured until long-range data has been extrapolated and analyzed from a number of angles.

With this complexity in mind, Collegis Education has compiled research on higher ed programming from four key areas:

  • Student preferences
  • Growth opportunities
  • Regional differences
  • Competitive dynamics

In this rapidly changing, highly competitive market, Collegis Education recommends taking a thoughtful view of the data to see how it specifically impacts your institution. Rather than look to emulate what other schools are doing, we recommend that institutions consider their  programmatic strengths, region and best-fit students to create a competitive, dynamic mix.

With more than 20 years in researching the higher ed programming marketplace, Collegis experts have impacted more than 150,000 students. In marketplaces where it seemed the odds were against a particular college or program, Collegis has helped its partners identify opportunities and manifest them into strong enrollment- and revenue-generating programs.

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