It’s about revenue, not just enrollments.

Helping colleges and universities drive revenue growth.

Higher education is changing at a pace never seen before. Institutions need a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to revenue growth to thrive in today’s world.

Declining revenue – why?

Many schools are facing declining enrollments, while even more schools are facing declining revenue, sometimes masked by nominal increases in student headcount. Typically, these issues are indicative of broader problems the institution is facing as the market shifts.

Siloed Data and Departments

Overcome the debilitating effects of institutional silos with integrated solutions. By considering the complexities and interdependencies of your institutional landscape, we can use tactics like force multipliers that strengthen performance across departments and teams.

Broken Student Experience

Today’s student expects personalized, on-demand and relevant experiences. Institutions that envision the student journey only in terms of their campus and classroom are making a critical mistake. It’s also about the brand you present, the messages you deliver, the conversations you have and the services you provide. Put your students at the heart of every decision from digital marketing and admissions to programmatic strategies and technical support.

Unsustainable Tuition Discounting

Growing enrollments by increasing discount rates is a slippery slope. Schools can address their growing discount rates by increasing their funnel of qualified students and improving their retention rates. Connecting strategies and tactics across marketing, admissions, programs and technology empowers schools to realize this goal.

Lack of Program Differentiation

As an industry, we don’t want to accept it, but commoditization is coming to higher ed. Without clear and compelling differentiators in the market, your programs cannot stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

To solve one area, you need to solve them all.

Most institutions don’t have just one of these challenges, they are interconnected. Each contributes to the inefficiency of another. That’s why Collegis serves as a true strategic partner who can deliver solutions that consider your entire institution.

We understand these complexities – higher ed is all we do – and approach them with a proven method of interconnected strategies to drive true growth.

True partnership, collaborative solutions.

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