Data Centralization & Enablement

Integrate. Analyze. Activate.

In a challenging landscape, you need centralized and high-integrity data to yield clear, accurate insights. But getting started is messy, difficult and can require a lot of resources.

Collegis builds this infrastructure for our partners. Each stage of this evolution unlocks deeper reporting and insight-generation capabilities. By following our proven playbook, we can help you achieve full-funnel visibility and attribution-level tracking – unlocking your ability to make truly data-driven decisions.

Data Enablement and Centralization to Inform Decision-Making

Leverage best-in-class technology to quantify and measure your investment and lay the foundation for clean, accurate data through:

  • Best-in-class tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Predictive intelligence

This foundation is critical to make website optimization decisions and is the first step toward attribution-level tracking.

Martech Implementation and Activation

When it comes to enrollment and admissions outreach processes, good clean data is key. For many of our partners, disparate systems make high-integrity data difficult. Creating an ecosystem that makes this possible, however, is complicated and often overlooked or pushed off into a nebulous “future” time. But it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Collegis, you can have a data infrastructure that allows for full-funnel visibility and attribution-level tracking that enables you to effectively unlock your ability to make truly data-driven decisions.

Implement Optimized Google Analytics

  • Best-in-class Google Analytics
  • Goal and funnel metrics
  • Attribution-level reporting
  • Activate Data

Deeper reporting capabilities

  • Insight into the performance of your marketing investments
  • Data integration with your other platforms and business intelligence tools

Data-Driven Communications

With an efficiently automated campaign, you can create a series of communications using machine learning and triggered by the actions of an interested prospect. Collectively, your messages will support an individual through the journey map to becoming one of your students and, one day, an alum. Developed and customized for each institution, our campaign solutions include the automation and deployment of email and SMS messages as well as the addition of a ringless voicemail tool that represents an overall low-cost option for increasing engagement opportunities.

Bottom-up Forecasting

Use a bottom-up forecasting approach to determine budgets and set realistic enrollment goals. Build a forecast and define discrete areas of scope for internal teams and potential partner vendors beginning with your:

  • Desired enrollment numbers
  • Estimated acquisition costs by marketing channel
  • Required number of admissions reps
  • Estimated conversion rates
  • Cost per enrollment