Curriculum and faculty development

Design. Support. Deliver.

Student expectations have changed — and institutions must keep up when designing courses to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

Prioritizing faculty training and development is a win-win scenario. When faculty teach more effectively, students perform better in the classroom. And when students excel, institutions thrive.

Curriculum and course development

Our full-service instructional design and course development capabilities ensure your courses meet academic standards and student expectations for quality online experiences.

Collegis has a deeply experienced team, leveraging proprietary development tools, a foundation of best practices, and hands-on knowledge from building thousands of courses for more than 50 college partners over nearly two decades.

We offer a full spectrum of curriculum development services, including:

Instructional design

Content development

Web, interactive, and media production

Video production

Course assembly in your learning management system (LMS) 

Learning technology engineering

QA testing 

Faculty development

Often, faculty must produce their own online courses — sometimes at a fierce pace — to meet the demands for program development. But not every school has the resources to provide them with effective training and ongoing support in the use of their LMS, other learning technology tools, and online pedagogy.

Our academic services team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in both academic leadership and student support roles who understand this challenge. We’ve developed and deployed training experiences that are effective, practical, and immediately valuable to faculty members who are teaching online courses.

Our model uses a mix of self-paced online learning, online synchronous sessions, and face-to-face training to build skills in critical areas. Beyond formal training sessions, we also offer ongoing one-on-one coaching to faculty as they meet and overcome challenges in their online classrooms.

Learning technology consulting

An effective learning technology ecosystem is made up of technologies and tools that constantly need improvement, integration, and expansion to have the most positive impact on faculty and student success.

Collegis brings a wealth of experience in supporting students, faculty, and staff in the effective application of technology to improve learning outcomes. Our team is platform-agnostic and offers expert guidance and support in choosing and implementing the best learning technology solutions to meet your needs, including:


Web conferencing systems

Video platforms

Library databases


Virtual labs

Augmented reality / virtual reality

Learn more about our Technology Management services

Program development

Collegis can help you build the structures, processes, and partnerships needed to generate meaningful enrollments and revenue to launch and scale programs.

Credential program support
Support for sustainable industry partnerships, recruiting and admissions services, and financial performance tracking.

Technology ecosystem
Serve the lifelong learning audience and create the ecommerce experience we have all come to expect (think Amazon).

Program-specific user data
Collect granular data to aid in decision-making and optimizing learner experiences.

Student-friendly experiences
Promptly respond to requests for assistance, support subsequent course enrollment, and ensure proactive intervention for those at risk of non-completion.

Program and course management
Ensure content is relevant and engaging, and prepare industry-expert instructors with best practices in both degree and alternative credentials education.

Licensed content development

Feeling behind in the race to deploy new — or expand existing — online content offerings? Many institutions don’t have the internal capacity or expertise to meet the demand as quickly as is needed.

Use Collegis’s course development support to create content for original brand licensing or white-labeled content. We also manage a library of 70 courses offering in-demand online programs. And we offer a large library of non-credit learning that institutions can leverage for the professional, career, and skill development of their students.

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