About Collegis Education

We believe in the transformative power of education

Collegis Education is a full-service provider helping schools leverage data, tech, and talent to build capabilities, remove barriers, and innovate everything from student experiences to business processes.

Higher ed’s innovation enabler

It’s the foundation of our past, the structure of our present, and the exclusive focus of our future. Over 20 years ago we started out as an IT managed services provider for higher ed and helped pioneer the online program management solutions of today.

In 2003, we acquired Rasmussen University, grew enrollments from 1,600 to 17,000 and 75% online before selling the school in 2019. Then, we began offering data-enabled technology and enrollment services to hundreds of colleges and universities from all sectors.

Now, we are poised to lead the innovations that will shape the future of higher education. So, whatever your mission, whatever your goals — across enrollment, technology, and experience — we get it and can work with you to achieve them.

Data unlocks innovation

In the right hands, with the right tools, data can enable you to achieve almost anything. Our strategic services allow institutions to leapfrog from wondering to doing, implement long-term growth plans, and build in-house capabilities to thrive in a complex market.

Thought partners and tactical pros

Collegis is a great place to work, and that means your school will benefit from top-flight experts in IT, marketing, curriculum development, learning technology and delivery, and more.

Our people dive into each of our partners’ missions, goals, and values first and create a custom, flexible, fee-for-service solution based on their individual needs. We are subject matter experts and problem solvers, clear communicators and big picture thinkers. We apply the lessons learned from each engagement to help the next partner be more efficient, innovative and financially secure.

Technology Management

The future of higher education is digital. Our team of technologists come from every corner of the discipline, applying their ingenuity and expertise to devise elegant, effective solutions that deliver tangible results for our partners.

Enrollment Growth

Colleges and universities use marketing, communications and research for mission-critical strategies like enrollment, retention, and lifelong alumni engagement. Our team of professionals apply their expertise in capturing attention and building relationships to help our partners thrive.

Partner Strategy

Helping our partner institutions envision a better future is how our teams approach solution development. This is a challenging and exciting time in higher education and these professionals are our ambassadors, conveying the possibilities and delivering on this promise to schools.


Our executive team lives and breathes higher education. Their experience inside institutions informs their vision for how data and technology can help schools transform to meet challenges and capture opportunities.