Tech managed services

Assess. Optimize. Protect.

When schools have the right data, tech, and talent on board, it’s easier to optimize campus and online operations, improve student and staff experiences, and ensure business continuity.

Our strategy is to assess all your technology and operational silos and then use data to inform a roadmap for making your environment more strategic and cost-effective.

We don’t just provide people. As transparent teachers, we give you the know-how to get more projects implemented — quickly — in a sustainable, secure ecosystem. And we’re technology- and platform-agnostic, focused on helping you evolve the tools you already have.

Realize the potential of your tech investment

We have expert technologists who know the IT processes needed to keep your environment running smoothly. And our tech managed services are tailored to fit your needs, so your staff can decide whether you’d like us to manage your entire IT environment or only certain aspects of it.

Flexible, customizable services include:

IT help desk (Personal Support Center)

Information security management

Virtual CIO

Business process optimization

Wireless network services

Cloud and data center systems

Application development and support

Asset management, including contract negotiation

Campus and desktop technology support

Learning management system (LMS) support

Student information system (SIS) support

Customer relationship management (CRM) support

Business process optimization

We know your staff and faculty likely spend significant time performing departmental processes or administrative tasks manually. This is no longer acceptable, especially when most other industries offer self-service options — and students expect 24/7 access with on-demand results.

After a deep assessment of your institutional workflow and student lifecycle processes, we’ll collaborate to realize time and cost efficiencies that make the best use of your technology investment and your people’s time.

We can also provide supplementary staff to support optimization projects. When those efforts require IT support, we have experts in the 17 roles and skills critical to higher ed IT success who can be deployed as needed.

Security compliance and risk mitigation

Data breaches are becoming more common and more complex for higher ed cybersecurity services to handle. To counter cyberattacks, we can help you strengthen your security ecosystem with early detection and monitoring systems, a formal security policy, and education for all constituencies on best practices.

Why higher ed technology needs a rethink

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