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Higher ed IT needs are complex

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Technology is changing how students learn, faculty teach, and institutions operate. That puts higher ed IT resources on the front line for securing the current and future success of their schools and delivering positive student experiences.

Many colleges and universities realize their current technological capabilities don’t deliver a unified or scalable ecosystem, but they’re saddled with technical debt, outdated legacy systems, and inefficient processes.

bullet pointThe IT brain drain is real

Nine in ten tech executives are seeing higher-than-usual attrition in their ranks. It’s more pronounced in higher ed where schools are losing IT talent to the for-profit sector.

The answer: A managed services provider specializing in higher education technology resources can address staffing limitations while managing systems and infrastructure in a more cost-effective way.

bullet pointTech capabilities need leveling-up

Institutions spend over 85% of their IT resources just keeping the lights on versus focusing on initiatives of high value to the strategic growth of the institution.

The answer: By securing the right skill sets and experience to manage daily operations smoothly, schools can leverage existing platforms and available resources to fuel enrollment and revenue growth strategies.

bullet pointYour reputation depends on IT

Without strong cybersecurity policies and activities in place, a school is more susceptible to attacks and data breaches that are financially costly and damage your reputation.

The answer: A solid security strategy based on up-to-the-minute knowledge of the common types of cyberattacks can lower your risk and your insurance premiums.