Enrollment marketing optimization

Reach. Personalize. Persuade.

As the higher ed market rapidly matures, the winners will be those schools that diversify from traditional tactics. Marketing needs to be dynamic, using data to move resources to the areas of highest potential return and investing in proven technologies to improve the customer journey.

Collegis can help you integrate data across advertising platforms, your website, and your CRM. At the heart of all our marketing initiatives lies a focus on student-centric, data-driven decision-making and healthy ROI.

Tune up your marketing engine

Our Marketing Acceleration Bundle gives you actionable recommendations to turbocharge your marketing efforts for 2025.

Website strategy

Ensuring your website is optimized for both search engines and user experience is essential to getting the most out of this important piece of online real estate.

Website visits are the most easily convertible of all inquiry sources. Even small increases in the conversion performance of your website can have outsized impacts on the key metrics that drive enrollment.

Our services include:

Website performance optimization

Search marketing & SEO

Data-driven conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Inbound content creation

Omnichannel marketing and media strategy

To compete and grow today, you need to adopt a hyper-focus on program differentiation and aggressively pursue a multi-channel approach that includes organic content marketing.

Automated marketing campaigns leverage technology to deliver relevant, timely content to students — in the right channel at the right time — triggered by the student’s behavior and informed by their interests. This ability to anticipate student questions and concerns can have a measurable impact on conversion and engagement.

Performance-based creative

Your communications don’t exist in a vacuum. Each touchpoint is an interaction with your brand, and students expect a level of marketing sophistication that represents your mission and values.

We believe in smart creative. By working together across media, analytics, and admission teams, our creative and brand team integrates performance and research results to continually test and optimize strategies related to visuals and key messages.

Our creative services include:

Brand and identity development

Campaign creation and execution

Audience personas and journey mapping

Content planning and execution

Website, UI, and UX design and development

Email strategy, copy, layout, and delivery

Interactive and digital media

Event graphics and promotional materials

Print graphics and production

Creative review and consultation

Why enrollment growth needs a rethink

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