Market insights and program strategy

Research. Differentiate. Deliver.

Not long ago, most schools reviewed academic offerings once every 5–7 years. But in our competitive market, scrutinizing your portfolio so infrequently isn’t good enough.

Collegis has a deeply experienced team to help you identify and build program offerings that attract the right students to your institution.

Market research and strategy

To leverage your brand and academic strengths, you need to identify market opportunities and understand the competitive landscape. These insights allow you to focus on value and differentiation through the lens of your unique position in the market.

We build higher ed market research plans that align to institutional objectives and seek to answer critical questions. By evaluating the following inputs we’ll help you get a holistic view into past, present and projected data:

Student demand

Employment data

Conferral data

Consumer demand

Competitor research

From these insights, we’ll collaborate on a strategy that emphasizes differentiation to fine-tune program messaging and create compelling value propositions for marketing.

Portfolio growth assessment

Shifting demographics, increasing competition, and budgetary pressures are compelling reasons to examine your institution’s overall academic portfolio and individual programs.

Offering the right suite of programs positions colleges and universities to grow enrollment, to make effective use of limited resources, and to strengthen their brand.

Our portfolio growth assessment uses a set of agreed upon metrics to provide a snapshot of a school’s program mix and performance. We’ll help you achieve a balanced portfolio that prioritizes segments with growth and volume, dedicates some budget and resources to test emerging programs, and sustains a limited number of programs that are aligned to the institution’s mission or a strong regional need.

Scaling microcredential programs

Microcredentials are hot right now, but generating a meaningful amount of revenue from short bursts of education requires enrollments at scale.

Collegis can help you analyze your regional competition and the skills demanded most by local employers to develop the right programs for your market, support employer partnerships, and develop custom strategies for growth and differentiation.

Building microcredential programs requires a unique approach and flexibility to best serve your students, program goals, and/or corporate partners.

Content licensing

Content licensing for course development may help you boost revenue and efficiently enter new markets. Use Collegis’s course development support to create content for original brand licensing or white-labeled content.

Collegis manages a library of 70 courses offering in-demand, online programs. Additionally, we offer a large library of non-credit learning that institutions can leverage for professional, career, and skill development of their students.

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