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An experienced team of problem solvers with a client-first attitude.

Our Squad Sets Us Apart

Instructional designers, SEO strategists, enrollment specialists, IT experts, admissions counselors, data analysts are just a half dozen of the skilled team members at Collegis Education. The people who dive into each of our partners’ missions, goals and values are integral to our ability to deliver for our partners. Our culture is fueled on collaboration and forged on the understanding that the team is always stronger than the individual.

While the experts you’ll meet here have their own roles, there are qualities they share. They are subject matter experts and problem solvers, clear communicators and big picture thinkers. They apply the lessons learned from each engagement to help the next partner be more efficient, innovative and financially secure.

Our Lineup

Technology Management

The future of higher education is digital. Our team of technologists come from every corner of the discipline, applying their ingenuity and expertise to devise elegant, effective solutions that deliver tangible results for our partners.

Enrollment Growth

Colleges and universities use marketing, communications and research for mission-critical strategies like enrollment, retention, and lifelong alumni engagement. Our team of professionals apply their expertise in capturing attention and building relationships to help our partners thrive.

Partner Strategy

Helping our partner institutions envision a better future is how our teams approach solution development. This is a challenging and exciting time in higher education and these professionals are our ambassadors, conveying the possibilities and delivering on this promise to schools.


Our executive team lives and breathes higher education. Their past experience inside institutions informs their vision for how data and technology can help schools transform to meet challenges and capture opportunities.

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Kim Fahey, EVP and Chief Information Officer

Collegis Spotlight

Kim Fahey, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

It’s a great opportunity to purposely acknowledge the accomplishments of so many amazing women.  It is a shame that there continues to be disparity in gender representation at executive levels and I am so proud to be representing women in the CIO role that 82% of the time is filled by a man.   CEOs are even lower at about 6%.  But given these numbers it stands to reason that if we didn’t take the time to focus on women leaders, inventors, teachers, doctors, etc. this month we would lose so many stories and important perspectives.

What piece of advice would you give to women in technology careers?

Even though you are likely one of the only or very few women at the table, you have earned the right to be there.  Have confidence in your abilities and the experience you bring to a situation.   Collaborate and seek advice from those you trust.  Take the time to assess and understand a situation then decisively share your recommendation and, if it is your responsibility, make a decision and move forward.