Collegis Education Partners With Google Cloud to Help Colleges and Universities Leverage Data to Create Unified Student Experience, Drive Success

Market leaders will provide expertise and technology tools to drive better insights, inform decisions and increase ROI

OAKBROOK, IL — October 25, 2022 — Collegis Education, a higher education managed services provider, today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to help colleges and universities leverage data to make informed decisions, create a more unified student experience, and enable student success. Combining Collegis’s more than 25 years of experience providing hundreds of schools with comprehensive technology and enrollment services and Google Cloud’s Student Success Services, the two leaders will build new offerings to support colleges and universities as they collect, connect, and activate data to improve performance. U.S. colleges and universities are faced with market challenges, ranging from declining enrollments and the increased national discourse about the value of higher education, to a growing need to provide a frictionless student experience. Yet, they don’t always have the resources available to overcome these complex problems. In addition, the data they hold often remains siloed and not integrated across departments or the entire enterprise. Together, Collegis and Google Cloud can help schools integrate their data to develop a comprehensive view and optimize their processes, programs, and services to help students achieve their goals. All data is kept private and secure leveraging Google Cloud Services, and institutions have full control and possession over their data.

“Schools have dedicated people who are stretched thin and lack the time and resources to solve the current and evolving market challenges they are facing. Our Collegis subject matter experts can collaborate with their teams and help them leverage their investments in technology by integrating data across the entire institution to drive decision making,” said Jamie Cowie, president and CEO, Collegis Education. “With our best practices on integrating systems and leveraging the Google Cloud Platform, colleges and universities will have tools to power continuous improvement by leveraging data across the entire institution to drive better insights, inform decisions and, ultimately, increase ROI.”

Collegis collaborates with colleges and universities to leverage the power of data by partnering with them to bring holistic solutions to their institutions. Collegis’ expertise provides the perfect complement to Google Cloud’s Student Success Services, a set of tools that aims to unlock student success with personalized assistants, real-time insights, collaboration tools and more. Using built-in artificial intelligence (AI) models and analytics to gather data and use it for decision-making, this bundle of services benefits institutions, their staff and, most importantly, their students by improving remote and in-person learning, increasing student engagement, and modernizing the learning experience.

“Successfully integrating and analyzing data will provide colleges and universities with insights to inform decisions to transform the student experience,” said Steven Butschi, Head of Education, Google Cloud. “In collaboration with Collegis, we will work with higher education leaders to help them bring together data to create new, successful ways to enhance learning experiences and improve institutional performance.”

About Collegis Education

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