Essential Metrics in Your Higher Ed Marketing Funnel

Numbers to track in your enrollment funnel

The right higher education data can give you the knowledge to add more horsepower to your marketing, admissions, and student support efforts. But which metrics are the most revealing and actionable for higher ed?

The “Lucky 13” marketing metrics

In this infographic, we dig into what each metric measures, the insights it offers, and where these key performance indicators (KPIs) can be found. (We even show our work by breaking down how they’re calculated.)

13 Essential KPIs infographic
  • Awareness KPIs: Awareness, impressions, and return on advertising spend
  • Consideration KPIs: Inquiry submissions, cost per inquiry, and website engagement rate
  • Closing KPIs: Visit registration submissions, application completion, admissions, enrollments, cost per application, cost per enrollment, and enrollment attribution

With visibility into the ROI of your investments, you’ll be on track to grow your enrollments and your budget in 2025.

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