How Spelman Expanded Reach to Working Adults

eSpelman White Paper "Expanding Vision to Reach Adult Learner Market"

Like many colleges and universities today, Spelman was faced with the challenge of generating more revenue, particularly to help decrease the amount of debt its students graduate with. To begin combatting this challenge, the college ventured into online learning with summer courses that students could use to get ahead or catch up.

Keen interest in these courses prompted the college to leverage this model for a wider adult learner audience than their core population of women of color, and they scaled quickly:

In January 2022, eSpelman launched three courses and 49 learners. In 2023, enrollments rose to 1,300 learners. Today, eSpelman works with 19 corporate partners.

Collegis plays an integral role in faculty training and program planning for continued growth. Download “Expanding Vision to Reach Adult Learner Market” to learn how their marketing strategy, a partnership with Guild and alumni support contribute to eSpelman’s success.

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