Adult Learners are Higher Ed’s Future

Reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning are creating a big opportunity for higher education to become the go-to resource for career-minded adults. But not all adult learners are alike. In this report, we break them down into four types of adult learners (Career Advancer, Career Builder, Discerning Academic and Hesitant Learner).

Download the white paper with the following insights for each persona:

  • Top motivations
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Program optimization recommendations

Collegis Education surveyed 1,000 adult learners interested in pursuing degrees for this white paper, Rethink Your Student Population. Discover who makes up the majority of the adult learner market and how to target your outreach to grow your enrollment in this untapped population.

Also, get key takeaways in our infographic The Adult Learners You’re Ignoring.

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