Students Grade Higher Ed Tech

Tech issues impact student retention

In partnership with Inside Higher Ed, Collegis surveyed 450 students to gauge the impact of the higher ed technology experience on the end users. Are you surprised to hear 41% of students said the tech issues they experienced can affect their decision to enroll in another term?

What else did students have to say?

Plenty, and their responses can help higher ed leaders focus development and investment in alignment with their needs. We asked them about:

Students Grade Higher Ed Tech Infographic
  • Connection issues: Was there sufficient bandwidth both during in-person and online learning sessions?
  • Technical support: Did they receive adequate support to effectively use the technologies needed for their learning experience?
  • Early engagement: Was the institution’s website informative and easy to navigate?
  • Digital communication: Were communications clear, relevant, and timely?

Download our infographic for standout findings about students’ entire experience with campus technology, from first web search to last course.

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