Marketing Acceleration Bundle

Marketing Acceleration Bundle

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Rev up your engine now!

Higher ed marketers: Kick off the 2024-2025 year with this limited-time offer. We’ve put together a complete package of audits and mapping exercises that will give you tangible recommendations you can use to fuel even better results come fall.

What’s included in the bundle?

This offer is where the rubber meets the road. With these insights, you’ll have the objective evidence you need to power greater collaboration and alignment within your institution.

Get all the tune-ups in this bundle for the cost of one enrollment:

  • Martech ecosystem audit: Enable data-driven decision-making by understanding where data flows, where it’s siloed, and where you may have blind spots.
  • Enrollment funnel mapping: Gain insights into the barriers and drop-off points in your funnel, so you can convert more inquiries into students.
  • Website audit: Generate more leads by optimizing your organic content and user experiences.
  • Media audit: Generate high-quality leads more efficiently by understanding the ROI of your paid media.
  • Plus, a 1-year subscription to our Media ROI dashboard: Track lead attribution with a full view of your paid media investments across channels and optimize your ROI with a search-based, cutting-edge business intelligence tool.
  • Look what $36,000 can do! Get this entire Marketing Acceleration Bundle for $36,000 when you sign up by July 1.

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Why act now?

Summer will be over before we know it, and you don’t want to lose a cent of your 2023-2024 budget. Use this time to leverage data for smart decisions on strategy and spending that will rev up your marketing engine.

Sign up by July 1. Get actionable insights by August 30.