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  • Tips to Make Your School More Secure in 2022
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Tips to Make Your School More Secure in 2022

Did you know?

Higher ed is a big target for hackers, with cyberattacks surging due in part to remote operations during the pandemic. As recently as this month, Butler County Community College and Lewis and Clark Community College had to temporarily close their campuses to recover from Thanksgiving week cyberattacks.

Schools without a risk assessment and remediation plan risk their Title 4 funding.*
*Gramm Leach Bliley Act

The FBI’s Cyber Division warned this year that criminals are steadily targeting education institutions and attempting to extort them. Schools that don’t prioritize their cybersecurity efforts in 2022 may pay a heavy price:

  • Without strong IT security policies and activities in place, cybersecurity insurance companies may either refuse to insure the institution or charge much higher premiums.
  • Per the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, to be eligible for Title 4 funding you need to have a risk assessment and plan for remediation in place.

To protect the institution from breaches, stay insured, keep premiums lower and remain compliant with laws, colleges should consider these tips for 2022:

Collegis Education can help. Our cybersecurity specialists know higher ed and how to strengthen your systems, networks and data platforms. We’ll help you implement a security strategy and be prepared with training and communications to address the fallout of a cyberattack.

A risk assessment can help you understand your college’s vulnerabilities and what’s on the line if 2022 ends without a comprehensive security strategy in place.

Contact us to get a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Learn more about the threat of cyberattacks in higher ed.

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