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2024-01-25T16:17:23+00:00January 25, 2024|

Illinois Tech Is Making Education More Affordable Through Partnerships

Over 130 years ago, Illinois Institute of Technology was founded with a focus on providing affordable technological education to students from all walks of life. Since then, many institutions have talked about the importance of accessible and affordable education, but few have been willing to rethink business models, operational processes and historic approaches to break the iron triangle of quality, cost and access.

With that commitment in mind, Illinois Tech has collaborated with Coursera to embed industry-recognized credentials into degree programs and begin delivering contemporary, relevant and affordable online education with clear pathways for achieving career goals. As a proud Illinois Tech partner, Collegis is playing a role by facilitating more inclusive pathways to admission that allow students to demonstrate readiness through experience and prior education.

This innovative partnership ecosystem has positioned Illinois Tech to rethink solutions to the iron triangle. With new ways to deliver exceptional learning experiences, the university is offering affordable and accessible programs — without sacrificing educational quality or straying from its core values.

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