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The Need for Digital Transformation: What College Presidents & CFOs Need to Know [On-Demand Webinar]

Most leaders of higher education institutions focus on what they consider to be their primary domain. The president zeroes in on establishing the overarching vision and providing direction. The chief financial officer (CFO) concentrates on overseeing all aspects of financial management. They’re each committed to performing their essential functions as best they can.

While it’s important that everyone have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, there are some areas that require a unified approach involving leaders from all across the institution. This is particularly true when it comes to establishing and meeting technology-related objectives, because they affect every department.

Traditionally, the chief information officer (CIO) has been left to tackle IT initiatives on their own. The problem with this approach is that it really undervalues technology solutions at a time when they’re more critical than ever. When COVID-19 forced colleges and universities to transition all operations online, their technology deficiencies became glaringly apparent. But according to Kim Fahey, executive vice president and CIO at Collegis Education, the pandemic merely accelerated an already dire need for all higher education leaders to recognize the importance of prioritizing a robust technology strategy.

Collegis Education board member J. Michael Locke recently engaged Fahey in a discussion to help college presidents and CFOs better understand what’s happening in the world of higher education technology. The conversation illustrated the need for every institution to establish an integrated ecosystem – an undertaking that requires the support of several fundamental technologies and financial investments.

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